cedar diamond.jpg

Cedar Diamond


This table is %100 salvaged cedar and is unique among much of my other work. It was constructed from one large cedar board and creates a subtle design based on the classic ‘Log Cabin’ quilt pattern,  using only the grain of the wood to define it.

It measures 32 1/2 inches wide by 41 inches long, a nice size for a table but also perfect as a wall hanging. 

joseph's arrow.jpeg

Joseph's Arrow


With the design of this table top, I wanted to play with the natural variations of color and value contrast within my growing stockpile of salvaged lumber. This is a collection of resurfaced oak, white pine, maple, douglas fir, hemlock and cedar, all planed and sanded to expose the uniquely beautiful surfaces under years of weathering and exposure.

It measures 30 3/4 inches wide by 45 3/4 inches long, making it a nicely sized table top but would also work well as a unique wall hanging.

little navajo.jpg

Little Navajo


This little piece is inspired by the Native American weaving patterns I find so beautiful. The central design is made from salvaged Sepele, American Walnut, and White Oak which contrasts against the lighter pieces of Ash, White Pine, Red Oak and Maple.

It is small enough for a unique end table, measuring 23 inches by 25 inches, though I’ve come to love it as a wall hanging in my studio.

miter mash.jpeg

Miter Mash


This larger table was an experiment using the color and value contrasts of the weathered surfaces I first encountered with this salvaged lumber, without any resurfacing. To preserve those unique patinas created from years of exposure to the elements, the surface retains its unaltered rough hewn texture. It has a variety of Oak, Pine, Hemlock and Douglas Fir, sealed and protected with a hand rubbed natural wax finish.

It has antique cast iron and porcelain bathtub feet for legs. It measures 44 inches wide by 48 inches long and approximately 15 inches tall but can be adjusted if necessary. 

red mountain.jpg

Red Mountain

$3,600.00 w/base

This table top plays with design and the possibilities within the natural variations of salvaged wood. With the small central triangles and single chevron stripe, I also wanted to play with the few scraps I came across of Padouk, a rare West African hardwood, that naturally has a striking vermillion hue. Working around these elements, the table came together using the contrast of salvaged walnut, sapele, douglas fir, white pine, and a variety of oak and maple. It measures 23 1/2 inches wide by 49 inches long.

I also made a unique base exclusively for this piece. The design is based on an antique drafting table that I crafted from gorgeous solid walnut with custom made blackened steel and brass hardware. And true to the functionality of a drafting table, the height is easily adjustable from 17 1/2to 32 inches tall.

rough quilt.jpeg

Rough Quilt


This is one of my first salvaged quilt tables and features the wood’s naturally weathered surface, unaltered from the state I found it in.  After selecting several distinct pieces of lumber, I created this variation of a classic American quilt design using the unique patina of the salvaged material.

For this table, I also made custom legs from the salvaged lumber of an old swing set. The table top itself measures 48 1/2 inches long by 36 1/2 wide. With the legs attached it measures 19 1/2 inches tall. Perfect for a unique coffee table.

southern quilt.jpg

Southern Quilt


As a Southerner, I have an innate love of quilts, both as objects and as designs. This table is a variation on a classic pattern, depicted with the natural contrast and beauty of white oak, maple, douglas fir and cedar.

It measures 44 1/2 inches long by 35 inches wide. Perfect size for a coffee table or even a modest dining table. It does not currently have pre made legs but I would be happy to accommodatespecific dimensions and make a beautiful set of custom legs for this piece. 

school desk.jpg

School Desk


Although this little desk appears very simple, it is one of my favorite pieces. Towards the end of each summer, public schools all over Brooklyn renew their inventory and discard countless desks, chairs, cabinets, etc.  The green base is from an elementary school in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. The top and drawer faces are made from one large board of salvaged maple with stunning and uniquely beautiful markings.

It measures 48 inches wide by 18 inches deep. Each drawer is 2 1/2 inches deep by 20 inches wide and 14 1/2 inches from front to back. For an additional cost, I also have matching chair sets, one that is definitely elementary munchkin sized and one better suited for adults.

I currently have two more of the same desk bases without tops and a variety of other chairs and table bases from the same school. If interested in a custom school desk, please email me through my website with any inquiries.